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Creating an edgy, bright and shiny look throughout was our goal for this web site. After the colors were chosen we were on our way to creating a site that would not only portray the business but the owner, Scott, as well. For a Mobile Electronics Specialist near you, visit: Mototronics.


Tony Armstrong came to us with an idea and was looking for a dedicated group who was willing to meet his expectations for his new online advertising campaign. Working side by side we re-built his online presense from scratch and raised his search engine and ranking positionings by 80% in the first month. Visit: Back Country Paintball.


Dealing with Susan and Peter in the past with various updates and graphic design we where quite pleasantly surprised when they asked us to re-vamp their design and layout with a new look but still keeping the previous feel. Working together we created a site that has gained them in rankings and visitors with a slew of compliments to follow from their clients. Visit: Algonquin Moon Bed and Breakfast..


Andrew joined us with a vision of building an online portfolio to help increase his online presense and expand his profession across Muskoka. Visit: Muskoka's Realtor Andrew Bulloch.


Muskoka's Event Specialist starts building an online home to show off the many talents and skills. Visit: Muskoka's Events that Impress.


We built this home for BusyHands, to start their web presence, Single page brochure style site that's capable of expanding to a full scale source of information for their clients. Visit: BusyHands Handy Person Services.


Plan for great design from start to finish with TJS Construction in Dwight Ontario, Located in the Muskoka's. Visit: Muskoka's Construction Company


Knowing Warren and the nature of his business enabled us to create a website with the a look and feel that combined Warren’s easy, laid back personality into the design that he was looking for. Visit: Northern Professional Counselling & Hypnotherapy.


With locations in Huntsville, Bracebridge and Gravenhurst James Saunders wanted to strengthen their web sites online presence while giving the clients an easy tool to access their services with.
visit: Saunders & Associates.


Together, with Sandra’s catchy content and her upbeat nature, we were easily able to combine her personality and her business into a design and layout that effectively portrays them both. Take the first easy step and visit: Career Discovery.


With a definite idea for her logo design and the colors she wanted to use for her site it was not difficult to work with Cindy to develop a look and feel throughout the site that would reflect the energy of both Cindy and her business SunVibe Wellness.


With a logo and colors already in place and used throughout Jamie’s print media we were able to optimize them for the web to create a visually pleasing, attention grabbing site design and layout. For your audio-visual needs visit: J & E Audio Visual.


Having creative lee-way on a project is always fun for designers and this one was no exception. Taking the time to get to know Merna enabled us to create an online presence that reflected her calm and nurturing nature as well as the opportunity to sample some of her many services. They really are "A Touch of Heaven". visit: a Touch of Heaven.


Not only has Spirit Point become one of our favorite places to visit but the French’s are wonderfully fun and friendly people. We were given creative lee-way with this design as well, and when we combined our skill with Mike French’s incredible content, the results were phenomenal! Be sure to visit: Spirit Point.


From the first time we stepped into ABC Scrap with Me, we knew what we wanted to do for Darlene and her business. Given the go-ahead to do “whatever you think is best” we just had to create her site with flash elements so it would work like a scrapbook! Huntsville's Scrapbooking store online Abc scrap with me.


Christian was looking for a simple, clean design to display her beautiful photographs and that is what we gave her! After choosing her color we worked to give her an edgy, clean design that would best show off her portfolio.


HAPA is a non-profit organization in Huntsville, Ontario. Working with in a budget we wanted to create a classy and elegant look throughout the site to properly portray The Huntsville Association for the Performing Arts. For up and coming Concerts visit: HAPA Chamber Music.

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What our Clients Say!

" Futurexperience's attention to detail, and professionalism, was a pleasure. Their design ability was far beyond any of the other companies I had researched. They made making my site easy and fun. Thanks! " Warren Broad.

Client Testimonial

" Hey There Warren,
I have been meaning to take a moment to thank you for recommending me to Tanya @ At the stage we first spoke, as you know, we were exploring a Web Site company that we would feel comfortable with both in their expertise and their work ethic.


Although we had initially spoken to several different companies, basically, from the first time we met Tanya, it was pretty well a given that we would purchase her service. Tanya presented as professional, knowledgeable and extremely personal. As you know, ours is a little different from your site in that ours is a Wilderness Camp and I was quite taken with the fact that Tanya visited the camp to get a sense of what we were asking of her. From there we had several meetings which led to an exchange of many snap shots and written content depicting the essence of "Spirit Point". From these gatherings, Tanya put together a draft for our viewing and the rest is history.


The moral; Tanya Mundy created for us an excellent web site and I invite you to go on and see for yourself. The site connection is: and I know you will agree that she has simply outdone herself on this one. By the way, I did take advantage of her maintenance contract selecting the package that best suits our needs.


Once again, thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. "

Jan French.
Spirit Point Wilderness Academy & Camp.
Hinsburger Lake. South River. Ontario.


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